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Features an Embedded Teacher Training Model to Support Teachers

Kids Reading Outdoor

100% Digital for Online or In-Person Instruction

for Mild, Moderate, or Severe Dyslexia

Reading fluency is a key predictor of school outcomes.


Results in Weeks…Not Years

Applying the Science of Reading to Screening and Intervention for Students with Dyslexia

See the results of our recent school pilot where students with dyslexia made significant gains in critical reading domains in a matter of weeks. One student gained 48 Words Correct per Minute and another 20 WCPM.

View detailed results of the significant progress made by these students

in only 6 weeks:  


Our pilot school was so pleased with the results of the 6-week pilot, they implemented the Fluency Builders Program in 2022-23 for their dyslexic students. Even though fluency is the greatest challenge in dyslexia intervention, the 30 minute daily small group intervention produced the following results:

72% outperformed the average single year fluency gains made by typical students.

Results in Weeks...Not a School Setting

As an Interventionist in an elementary public school setting, I highly recommend the Early Literacy Solutions Orton-Gillingham based Fluency Builders Program.

Our school began using the program in March through May to meet fluency needs that weren’t successfully addressed with other programs. All students showed improvement in several areas during this short time frame. 7 out of 11 students showed improvement in Words Correct Per Minute (WCPM) and Phonological Awareness. All students showed improvement in Decoding.

The Fluency Builders Screener and Progress Tracker are comprehensive and well organized to easily analyze and interpret progress. The responsiveness and customer service from Georgie Normand is outstanding. All questions were answered within 24 hours if not sooner! From the rapid improvement in the students’ progress to the excellent customer support, it has been a pleasure utilizing the Fluency Builders Program. I highly recommend Fluency Builders!

- Christine Quick, M.Ed. Interventionist, Monroe, NC

Amazing Results After One Level

I just completed the first level with two of my kiddos. They did amazing! I'm so proud and so are they! They were reading smooth and fast by the end of the level. It is so exciting to see my kiddos all smiling when they read. One of them has been trying to read fluently for the last 4 years with very little success until we did this program. I'm loving it!

Stacie Nordstrom, New Bedford Academy, Lambertville, MI

Student Gains 30+ Words Correct Per Minute in 3 Months

My second grade dyslexic student has made dramatic progress in fluency in his first three months.

Sita Qeleni, Special and Inclusive Education Senior Coordinator Suva, Fiji

I Love the Fluency Builders Program

My student has struggled with sounding out every word in every sentence for the past year. After completing one level of FB, she was able to read the passages in the program fluently. She remembers her spelling rules and talks through them when spelling words. It really is quite remarkable. Thank you for helping me help her.

Vanessa Dettrie, M.Ed., Virginia Beach, VA

Student Gains 51 Words Correct per Minute in 90 Days and Is Now at Grade Level Reading Fluency

I am very pleased with my student's progress. I truly love this program.

Sherry Holliday, M.Ed., Reading Specialist, Houston, TX

Next Year We Will Only Be Focusing on the Fluency Builders Program

The Fluency Builders program is working great! We are very happy with it. Students are progressing.

Ana Maria Urquidi, Learning Lab Support Coordinator, American Cooperative School, La Paz, Bolivia

The Fluency Builders Program Has Helped Us Identify So Many Learning Gaps

We have loved it! So many kids have missed that explicit phonics instruction.

Amy Novak, Founder, Acton Academy Red Rock, Las Vegas, NV

Speech Language Pathologists Love the Results

The Fluency Builders Program provides such a clear and concise approach while still allowing me the flexibility to accommodate the unique learning style of my students.

Katelyn Nedza, M.A. CCC-SLP  Speech Language Pathologist, Island Lake, IL

I am seeing positive progress with my students in just a few short weeks.

Brooklynn Pursley, M.A. CCC-SLP  Speech Language Pathologist, Sturgeon Bay, WI

About Our Dyslexia Screeners

This is the screener I've been looking for, especially for upper elementary. Very comprehensive.

Thank you!

Carol Summers


High Res Little Girl Reading.jpg


Watch the video below to find out how the Fluency Builders program helps your students make greater gains in all reading measures in less time than with traditional dyslexia programs.

For One-on-One or Small Group Instruction

Walk Through the
Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program

Walk Through the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program

Studying on a Computer

Focused on Fluency

Interventions that focus on fluency show greater gains in less time in all reading measures - including reading comprehension.

Orton-Gillingham Based

The first fluency-enhanced Orton-Gillingham based program... enhanced with the latest neuroscience on dyslexia and dyslexia interventions.

Technology at School

Embedded Training


       For Students in PreK through Grade 12
       Simple Placement Guidelines

       Multiple Entry Points
      Five Training Videos

Structured Literacy Framework


The Fluency Builders program utilizes a Structured Literacy framework enhanced with intensive fluency training. A Structured Literacy approach to reading instruction is recommended for all students by the International Dyslexia Association.

Structured Literacy is a registered trademark of the

International Dyslexia Association.


The Screeners are based on the most recent neurocognitive research on risk factors and deficits associated with dyslexia. Digital for unlimited reuse.

Risk Factors

  • Family History of Reading Difficulties

  • Early Language Delay


Deficits identified will vary according to age/grade level/semester.

  • Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

  • Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

  • Verbal Working Memory

  • Letter Name/Letter Sound Knowledge

  • Decoding/Pseudoword Decoding

  • Encoding

  • Handwriting (Dysgraphia)

  • Oral Reading Fluency (accuracy, rate, prosody)

  • Comprehension/Retell

  • Dyslexia Related Reading Behaviors

PreK-2 Screener.tif.png

The Fluency Builders Universal

PreK-2 Dylexia Screener

3-12 Screener.tif.png

The Fluency Builders 3-12

Dyslexia Screener

Identify at risk students as early as the first week of Pre-K.

  • Use the Screeners to identify those at risk and to identify their unique deficit profile to inform instruction.

  • According to the most recent neurocognitive research on dyslexia, each student has a unique deficit profile.

  • Use the results and specific instructional recommendations for targeted instruction/intervention.

  • Screeners include alternate fluency passages for reuse as a progress monitoring tool.

  • The Screener results and recommendations can be used with the Fluency Builders program to provide supplemental Tier 1 instruction (PreK-2) to prevent reading failure or to provide intervention (PreK-12). Contact us to  find out how to optimize the PreK-2 window by  implementing the Fluency Builders program as a Tier 1 supplement.

The Fluency Builders Digital Kit Components

  • Universal Dyslexia Screener for PreK-2 for early identification of students at risk and to identify their unique deficit profile for targeted instruction/intervention. Provides specific instructional recommendations for at risk students based on Screener results.

  • Dyslexia Screener for grades 3-12 to identify older struggling readers who may benefit from the intervention. Identifies their unique deficit profile for a targeted intervention with specific instructional recommendations.

  • Screeners include alternate fluency passages for reuse as an ongoing progress monitoring tool.

  • Easy to use scripted dyslexia program with How-To videos (no need for time-consuming and costly workshops)

  • Teacher TOOLKIT (with video) presents the foundational research for the program and includes teacher resources.

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness instruction

  • Explicit, sequential, systematic, and multi-sensory phonics instruction

  • Systematic instruction of high frequency words with immediate and sustained use in text

  • Word level automaticity and fully decodable sentence level fluency practice

  • Explicit handwriting instruction (for younger students) with extensive  practice in writing/spelling from dictation (based on new research linking handwriting fluency to reading fluency)

  • Spelling/spell-checking instruction and practice

  • Vocabulary and morphology with syllable instruction

  • Ongoing cumulative review and formative assessments

  • Intensive fluency training with connected text - including a focus on accuracy, rate, and  prosody  with modeled, paired, timed, and repeated reading of high interest passages with increasing levels of difficulty

  • Comprehension strategies with narrative and informational texts (beginning in mid-year grade 1), including self-monitoring, learning how to become a proactive reader, and using text structure and text features to enhance comprehension

  • Teaching aids include games and "I'm a Proactive Reader" instructional bookmarks.

  • Lesson Planner for working with connected text includes coaching strategies for spotting and  eliminating dyslexia related reading behaviors

  • Simple progress tracking tools, motivational student Progress Chart, and student certificates

  • Comprehensive knowledge and practice-based certification program available with optional Train-the-Teacher license for those who qualify

The Kit Includes Both Screeners  PLUS :

Teacher Toolkit Cover.tif.png

The Teacher TOOLKIT presents the foundational research for the Fluency Builders program and provides teacher resources. (Includes video)

Fluency Builders Digital Kit for Schools

No need to purchase a separate spelling program or handwriting curriculum. Both are fully integrated and dyslexia specific, with the handwriting program based on important new research linking handwriting fluency with reading fluency.

FB 1 Cover.tif.png

The Fluency Builders

Program and Support Videos

The Program Includes 15 Fluency Builders

Includes the PreK-2 and Grades 3-12 Screeners with Screener Training Video

Digital for Unlimited Reuse


Contact us for district pricing 800.982.1290

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