The Fluency Builders Digital Kit with the PreK-2 Dyslexia Screener

The Fluency Builders Digital Kit with the PreK-2 Dyslexia Screener


The program is Orton-Gillingham based, enhanced with the most recent neurocognitive research on dyslexia and dyslexia intervention. The PreK-2 Screener (included) identifies your child or student’s unique deficit profile with specific recommendations for using the program to meet the needs of your student. We encourage you to use the Screener before starting the program even if your student already has a diagnosis of dyslexia.  Using the Screener results will help your student make progress faster. The program utilizes the Structured Literacy framework recommended by the International Dyslexia Association for all students.


Even if your child has already been diagnosed with dyslexia, you'll find that the results of the test will help you tailor the program to your child's unique set of strengths and weaknesses. 

A video with step-by-step instructions for the test is included in the Kit.


The Fluency Builders Kit Includes:

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Dyslexia Test with How-To Video 
  • 15 Scripted Fluency Builders with 3 Support Videos  for reading, spelling, and comprehension
  • 3 Support Videos
  • Teacher TOOLKIT with Video (Become a Dyslexia Expert!). Learn about the latest dyslexia research and use the many resources designed to help you teach like a pro. (Includes video.)
  • Teaching Aids, Games, Awards