Ready for School

Based on the Latest Dyslexia Science

For Students in PreK through Grade 12

Reading fluency is a key predictor of school outcomes. Fluency Builders is the only dyslexia program that includes a strong focus on fluency.

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The Fluency Builders program is based on the findings of over 50 new studies on dyslexia. We've enhanced the proven Orton-Gillingham methodology with groundbreaking strategies to help your child make faster progress towards becoming …




Move your child quickly 

from learning to read to reading to learn!

  • Affordable downloadable Kit with easy print-as-you-go student materials

  • Dyslexia Test with How-To video included. Dyslexia is not a one-size-fits-all reading disability. Use the results and recommendations from the dyslexia test to tailor the Fluency Builders program to your child's strengths and weaknesses.

  • 15 scripted and easy to use Fluency Builders with 3 support videos. No need to purchase additional levels or a separate spelling program.

  • Includes new dyslexia research-based strategies designed to accelerate your child's progress and improve reading comprehension.

  • Optional therapeutic handwriting program for younger students and students with dysgraphia.

  • Teacher TOOLKIT with video included. Explains the research behind the program.

  • Includes teaching aids, games, and awards

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Orton-Gillingham Based

Enhanced with activities recommended in the latest dyslexia research and designed to accelerate your child's progress.

Program Components:

  • Phonological and phonemic awareness - a common weakness in children with dyslexia

  • Phonics (explicit, sequential, systematic, multi-sensory)

  • Spelling and spell checking

  • Tools to combat letter reversals

  • Systematic instruction of high frequency words

  • Tools for dysgraphia - handwriting problems are common with dyslexia

  • Fluency building activities

  • Handling multi-syllable words

  • Teaching aids and activities to improve reading comprehension

  • Simple progress tracking

  • Ongoing cumulative review

The Fluency Builders Kit Includes:


  • Quick Start Guide

  • Dyslexia Test with How-To Video

  • 15 Scripted Fluency Builders

  • 3 Support Videos

  • Teacher TOOLKIT with Video (Become a Dyslexia Expert!) Learn about the latest dyslexia research and use the many resources designed to help you teach like a pro.

  • Teaching Aids, Games, Awards

Questions & Answers

1. If I purchase the Fluency Builders Kit, do I really need to use the included Test/Screener before starting the program?

Even if your child has already been diagnosed with dyslexia, the Screener provides your child's unique dyslexia profile with specific recommendations for how to use the program in a way that matches your child's strengths and weakness. This means your child can make faster progress.

2. How long does it usually take to test a child?

If you watch the Screener video and have your materials prepared in advance, the following is a guideline. - Early Fall PreK (5 minutes) - Late Spring PreK (15 minutes) - Kindergarten (15 minutes) - Early Fall Grade 1 (15 minutes) - Mid Year to Late Spring Grade 1 (20-25 minutes) - Grade 2 (20-25 minutes) - Grades 3-12 (25 minutes)

3. How do I know where my child should begin in the program?

After you use the Screener with your child, you can use the recommendations in the Screener results along with the Initial Placement Guidelines found in the Teacher TOOLKIT to determine the entry point for your child. But for a simple rule of thumb, students in Grade 2 and above can usually start with Fluency Builder 6. If you feel your child needs more handwriting instruction or review of letters and sounds, feel free to begin with Fluency Builder 1.