Designed for Parents,
Teachers, and Tutors

Based on the known risk factors and deficits associated with dyslexia.



Testing your child or student with the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Screener takes less than 30 minutes. 

How-To Video Included.


2 Tests Available

For Students in PreK-2

For Students in Grades 3-12

Dyslexia is not a one-size-fits-all reading disability. Every child with dyslexia has a unique deficit profile. The test will reveal whether your child has none, some, or all of the deficits associated with dyslexia.  

What's My Next Step?

If your child or student has deficits associated with dyslexia, the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program can help.To learn more about the Fluency Builders Program, click here. (The Fluency Builders Program also includes the Dyslexia Test.)





Easy to Use

No other dyslexia screener captures more risk factors and deficits associated with dyslexia. The Fluency Builders Dyslexia Screeners are the most dyslexia-specific screeners available.