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Dyslexia Awareness Module

For Parents, Tutors, Advocacy Groups, Workshops, and 
Pre-Service or

In-Service Teachers


Digital Kit includes

  • 1 hour video

  • Handouts

  • Stop and Review Questions

  • Stop and Review Answer Key


Teacher and Pupil

Training Content

Training Content

PART 1: Common Misconceptions

PART 2: About DYSLEXIA: Specific Learning Disability

PART 3: What Dyslexia Looks Like By Grade Level

PART 4: Anecdotal Checklist of Dyslexia Related Reading Behaviors


PART 6: Evidence Based Dyslexia Intervention to Prevent Reading Failure

PART 7: Evidence Based Dyslexia Intervention For Older Struggling Readers Who Were Not Identified Early

PART 8: Accommodations and Assistive Technology        

Other Topics Covered in the Module

  • Prevalence of Dyslexia

  • Risk Factors and Deficits Associated with Dyslexia

  • Brain Differences Compared to Typical Readers

  • How Intervention Changes the Brain

  • Comorbidities such as ADHD and Dysgraphia

  • Benefits of Early Universal Screening

  • Screening Guidelines

  • Screening that Informs Instruction

  • Two Questions Every Screener Should Answer

  • Can Older Struggling Readers be Screened?

  • Screening for English Language Learners

  • Structured Literacy and Dyslexia

  • Student Variability within the Dyslexic Population

  • Targeting Specific Deficits

  • New Dyslexia Research Related to Improving Fluency and Comprehension

  • How to Help Your Dyslexic Students Become Proactive Readers

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