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Meet the Author

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Georgie Normand, M.A.
Author of the Fluency Builders Program

Georgie's work with students with dyslexia led to the development of the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program. She saw the need for connecting new dyslexia research to the proven Orton-Gillingham methodology - especially studies on fluency and dyslexia. More than 60% of students with dyslexia have a double deficit in both phonological awareness and rapid naming speed (RAN). RAN measures the overall efficiency of the reading circuit and a RAN deficit impacts fluency. Historically, dyslexia programs have been heavily focused on the phonological deficit and have not adequately addressed the RAN deficit. The Fluency Builders program prioritizes both.

Because the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program is enhanced with strategies recommended in the latest dyslexia research, students can make faster progress than with traditional Orton-Gillingham programs. Fluency Builders is the first enhanced Orton-Gillingham based program. Reading fluency is a key predictor of school outcomes and new studies have found that when it is prioritized in dyslexia interventions, students make greater gains in far less time than with traditional approaches to remediation. When the Fluency Builders program was used in a recent school pilot, students made significant gains in fluency and other critical reading domains in a matter of weeks. These results are featured on the Home page.


She also developed two dyslexia screeners for parents, teachers, and tutors. These screeners are based on the known risk factors and deficits associated with dyslexia. Both screeners (PreK-2 and Grades 3-12) are included in the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Kit. They can also be purchased separately.

The Dyslexia Awareness Module is one of the most comprehensive professional training workshops available and provides an overview of both knowledge and evidence-based practices for pre-service and in-service teachers. For more in-depth training, the Certified Dyslexia Practitioner Program provides knowledge and practice based training.

Georgie holds a Master’s degree in Reading Education. Her most popular resources have appeared in Exceptional Parent Magazine.

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