Meet the Author

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Georgie Normand, M.A.
Author of the Fluency Builders Program

Georgie's work with students with dyslexia led to the development of the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program. She saw the need for connecting new dyslexia research to the proven Orton-Gillingham methodology.

Because the Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program is enhanced with strategies recommended in the latest dyslexia research, students can make faster progress than with traditional Orton-Gillingham programs. Fluency Builders is the first enhanced Orton-Gillingham based program.


She also developed a dyslexia test for parents, teachers, and tutors. The test is based on the known risk factors and deficits associated with dyslexia. One test is for students in PreK-2 and the other one is for students in Grades 3-12. The Fluency Builders Dyslexia Program comes with either the PreK-2 or Grades 3-12 dyslexia test (you choose at the time of purchase), but either test can also be purchased separately.

Georgie holds a Master's degree in Reading Education.